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What to Look for in Handmade Silver Jewelry

Handmade Mexican silver jewelry

Handmade silver jewelry is also crafted from silver sheets and are designed and cut into different pieces such as cuff bracelets, earrings and silhouette pendants. To make sure your piece is pure sterling silver look for marks that indicate 92.5 percent silver and only 7.5 percent copper or other metals. Sterling silver jewelry made from sterling silver sheets are drawn onto the sheet of silver and cut with a jewelers saw.

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Día de los Muertos


These are just a few adjectives that better describe “Dia de los Muertos” This tradition has its origins in the ancient, pre-Hispanic world. The Aztecs have their own philosophy about death, and after the Conquistadores arrived to America, the fusion between this philosophy and Christian religion was completed. Since then, this Mexican tradition has been celebrated for centuries in Mexico and nowadays is more prominent in the inner states. Mexico City, unfortunately has been adopting Halloween, a lovely celebration without a doubt but it is not ours. In recent years, famous people in Mexico, from the TV and movies industry had been pushing this tradition more and more to cherish it and share it with our younger generations.

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