5 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

Today’s post is all about statement necklaces and how to wear them in five different ways. These are my favorites, but you can copy or emulate hundreds of great looks out there! I’ll give you some tips on how to build your outfits around your statement necklaces. Remember that these styles work best for dresses with high necks so that the necklace can focus on the look.

1 . Simple & chic

Step 1: Prepare by thinking about what jewelry you want to wear. You might like to match this look using simple earrings (for example, just one pair) and a bracelet, which will help draw attention to your lovely necklace. If you’re wearing heels, try adding cute ankle strap shoes to the ensemble. This look is all about that necklace, so keep your hair simple and let it flow over your shoulders in a soft updo. While for more style inspiration, Italian fashion online can also be a good option.
Step 2: Add bold lipstick for a sophisticated look with a hint of luxury.

Sterling Silver Statement Necklace

2. Romantic & feminine

Step 1: Match this dress by wearing light pink earrings and a matching bracelet. Your outfit will have more impact when you use colors from the same palette as your jewelry. You might want to add cute ankle strap shoes or wedges if you’re going out for dinner – something about these shoes makes the outfit even cuter! Something I love about this look is how well it matches my belly chain; it’s lovely to be able to wear statement necklaces that fit your outfit perfectly.
Step 2: Try this simple low bun because the necklace isn’t too big, so you don’t want it to overpower your look. Use a cute hair accessory to make the outfit even more romantic and girly.

3 . Bold & Colourful

Step 1: Wear bold earrings for this bright skirt/dress combination; I’ve gone with dangly earrings for this occasion. It is an excellent way of matching accessories if any of your jewelry has patterns or strong colors in them – remember that it’s important to keep them close together on the body. Your shoes are just as crucial as your jewelry, so try chunky heels or wedges with this outfit for added personality! This sparrow ring would also work well to draw attention away from your necklace if it’s a bit too bold.
Step 2: Keep things simple with this low chignon, and add a dash of pink or red lipstick for drama!

Beautiful Mexican silver Jewelry

4 . Rocker grunge

Step 1: Earrings are the key to this look – choose ones that complement your dress so you can wear them all together.  It is a great way to wear a statement necklace without a chain because you’ll have something else around your neck to draw attention away from it. You don’t want to go over the top with jewelry here, so keep everything minimal and simple by adding dangly earrings and matching studs as your only other accessories.
Step 2: I think these shorts call for a messy top knot, so try this easy style. Make sure your hair is still down at the sides!

5 . Fresh & cute

Step 1: This type of outfit needs effortless jewelry to match – if you’ve got complicated pieces, keep them for another day. I’ve used thin chains and dangly earrings to create an understated look that doesn’t compete with the chunky necklace. Wedges or ankle strap shoes will complete this casual chic ensemble, but make sure you pick flats for tonight’s party!
Step 2: Use red lipstick to contrast your white blouse and black dress – it will instantly give your outfit personality. For extra freshness, plait both of your hair into mini braids and then wrap them into buns that nestle on top of your head.

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, a statement necklace can be worn in many different ways. I hope these ideas have inspired you to test out your style! I hope this article has given you some inspiration for how to wear statement necklaces this season! Remember that these styles work best if you pair them with high necklines and simple hair since the necklace will focus on your look.

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