The Prominence of Rings in Men’s Fashion

One of the most noticeable pieces of jewellery that men wear is rings. They are often seen adorning men’s ring fingers from all walks of life. While some men may only have a few rings, others may have an entire collection. Regardless of the number of rings a man owns, they can play a significant … Read more

Halloween versus Día De Los Muertos

Halloween Vs. Día de los Muertos

When summer turns to fall, the change is sometimes subtle. Temperatures turn from warm to cool. The days become shorter. And as the leaves slowly turn from green to yellow and start falling to the ground, the change is taking place before our very eyes. However, a not-so-subtle change is occurring upon closer observation. Pumpkins … Read more

Spratling and Taxco Silver Jewelry

When William Spratling began his silver jewelry enterprise in Taxco, Mexico in the 1930s he did not realize that the cultural phenomenon he was beginning would revitalize the enter city of Taxco and begin a renewal of fine Mexican silver jewelry. Spratling inspired silversmiths in Taxco to relearn the art of jewelry making and they began to take … Read more

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