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I was born and raised in Mexico; I love its culture, simple people and its peculiar art.  One day my mother Rosa asked me to help her sell some of her jewelry. So I took a few pieces that thought would represent my culture well and set up a sale at home.  My neighbors at that time (Mr. & Mrs. Lenny and Pamela Blackman –vintage jewelry collectors and sellers–) noticed I didn't know much about the invaluable and forgotten history of Classic Mexican jewelry. They provided me with few books about Mexican silver jewelry and gave me advice on how to start selling on eBay.
About US page, Mexico sterling silver jewelryI was amazed by all the romanticism and splendor of "my exceptional Mexican jewelry". It was like I "reconnected with my ancestors'. Following the wisdom and advice of Mr. Lenny I started selling on eBay. By doing so, I was able to reach a lot more people who appreciated the exceptional craftmanship and beauty of Mexican silver work.

Designers like William Spratling, Margot de Taxco, Hector Aguilar, and Los Castillo; took different elements and concepts from ancient Mexican cultures and turned them into glorious pieces of art; art that has long been a special part of my life. I intensively enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge with other people through the unique silver pieces of jewelry I offer in my store.

Unfortunately, many seem to have forgotten what the old fashion Mexican silver jewelry is suppose to look like. All over the internet you see the same  thing over and over again... NOT HERE! Even though the classic style has changed in some ways, our clientele agrees that modern and low quality manufactured silver jewelry shouldn't replace purely handmade, high quality, sturdy, solid silver jewelry.
Taxco, MexicoWe believe that this artistic work should not be forever lost, so that new generations learn about the history of Mexican silver jewelry. This singular art dates back many years ago to a small town outside Mexico City called TAXCO; where even today, among narrow stone-paved streets, you can still find "old school" silversmiths who worked at one time with the "Great Masters"; building that revolucionary era in silver jewelry creation.

These silversmiths are old now, and probably unknown to the general public, but they keep working and creating the ancient looks that many people around the world still admire. Many still teach the new generation of silversmiths to keep the tradition alive and continue handcrafting these beautiful pieces of Taxco silver jewelry.

As you'll see in my store, many of the pieces shown are unique and often difficult to find; even for me traveling once a year and having my mother (and partner in business) always looking for new designers to discover!

My commitment to you is to always provide highest-quality and unique jewelry at more affordable prices. Even the more modern and new pieces in my store are beautiful and made with excellent workmanship. When you buy from Mexico Sterling Silver or Avila Sterling Silver you can trust that every piece was handmade by an artisan located in Taxco, Mexico. Be assured that every piece you buy in our store was brought under the fairest of fair trade– buying directly from the artisans, at the price they set, from the jewelry items they have available.

Mexican Sterling Silver Jewelry. Certainly a solution to your search for unique, exquisite, top quality, hand crafted Mexican silver jewelry; made by Mexican silversmiths.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my store and reading my story. Please let me know your opinion and if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me!
Geseell Avila