Shipping & Returns

Information for Shipping, Return and cash refund Services, as Well as Backorder Items

Shipping inside of the USA

All our items will be shipped within 1 or 3 days after we receive notification of your payment. Everything will be shipped from California, unless your item(s) is on backorder or you are placing a wholesale order.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. 
Buyer pays shipping and optional insurance. Money order or cashiers check will ship on receipt, as will payment by Visa, Mastercard, Discover or via paypal. Personal checks will need 10 days to clear. 

Please notice that USPS offers 2 options for priority mail services, flate rate small box and flat rate medium box. The small box is good for small, delicate items, but if  you want to purchase bulky, heavier pieces, we recomend that you choose the medium box. 

We offer free shipping, on orders of $50 and up. That will only apply for packages sent inside of the USA
*This offer is valid only for First Class or  Priority Mail services, NOT for Express or Next Day services.

International customers

Our more affordable service is USPS (United States Postal Service), but there are some countries where this service do not guarantee paying insurance in case of stolen, lost or damage merchandise, cause it's refered as prohibited or restricted merchandise. These are individual rules for each country and it doesn't depend from USPS. That's why if your country falls into this category we cannot use this service even though is the cheapest. But we can still use DHL or FEDEX, they are more expensive but highly reliable.

We would love to offer a more affordable intermational service, but we are a very small business and the volume of packages sent abroad, does not get us cheaper fees with DHL nor FEDEX. We want our packages to be safe all all times and to get to you in one piece, so you and I do not have to spend useless hours trying to file a complaint or pass through all the burocracy involved at times of a stolen or missing item. Believe me, it is not fun. We prefer you, spending time, enjoying and wearing your beautiful jewelry, as soon as you get it. 

Once you place your order, we might get in touch with you to make sure that you had read these shipping policies or inform you if your country falls into the places where our merchadise faces certain restrictions. Also, this is very important information, some countries charge customs fees once the package gets into another country, if this is the case, our company is not responsible for these charges, this doesn't depend on us, they are tax regulations that vary from country to country, so please be aware that you might have to pay these fees in order to get your package. Please note that if you refuse to pay for these tax fees, not only the merchandise will be returned to us but they will charge us for shipping it back. In that case we will have to ask you to pay for that  extra expense. 

The shipping charge will be calculated at check out and it will specify what service you can choose from, and aprox. fees for your order. It is important to highlight  that sometimes, we have to contact you if in case the shipping fees are not the correct ones depending on the weight or dimension of cetain pieces, DHL, FEDEX or USPS have had in the past issues with their systems and the shipping calculations had been incorrect, charging less or much more of what it would really be at the end, when we prepare our packages and paper work online. If this happens, we will contact  you and send you a copy or scan the paper work with shipping charges directly from our shipping companies to you, as proof of what the real total cost  is, so you can confirm the charge. 
If you have an account with either these shipping companies, you can let us know and we'll be happy to ship them with your account number.

 As I mentioned before, your shipping fees will be calculated at check out and the prices for each carrier will be offered there. Please let us know if you need more information or if you have questions or concerns about these services.

We are not responsible for the transit time. We'll send you notification of shipment as soon as your items have been left or taken to the shipping carrier office. 

The items in this store can be return for a credit store or refund, As long as the items are returned in the same excellent condition that they were received within 10 days from receiving it.

Shipping charges are NEVER refundable.

If your purchase was paid through Paypal and you decide to return your merchadise for a cash refund, Mexico Sterling will pay for the cost of merchadise, minus 2.9% + .30 c Paypal policies had changed and now, Paypal does not give these fees back to us neither to the customers. Please understand that we DO NOT keep these fees, Paypal does.

BackOrder or Special Request Items
As soon as you purchased and item marked as BackOrder,  we get in touch with our silversmiths in Mexico. Please take into consideration that all our products are handmade, that's why you might have to wait from 2 to 4 weeks for shipment, depending on the items' popularity or complexity in design or craftmanship. It also depends on the time of the year as well. Like close to the end of the year, mother's day, valentine's day etc.
Sometimes  items are already made, in that case you might not have to wait that long and you'll be getting your merchandise in one week, but we never know. We'll keep you informed at all times about the status of your orders.

The same process will applied, if you order an item with a different stone or a size that is not listed in the description. We also can get you some  special orders, but please notice that not all the items in the store are eligible for special orders, meaning a larger or smaller length, width etc. this feature will be specify in the descriptions.

If you have any questions or we might had left something out, suggestions etc. please do not hesitate to contact us, and let us know.