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Best Movie for Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration

When Pixar’s animated movie Coco hit the big screen in 2017, I was first in line at the local movie theater to purchase my ticket. That movie, from beginning to end, captivated me because it was a near perfect representation of a traditional, small-town Mexican family, capturing the culture, history, and religion, among others. I … Read more

Opportunities come and go… Sometimes you can’t let go!

More than 25 years ago, before I got married, I had a desire to go to Europe, being an art student you can imagine how much I wanted to touch the ancient history, be witness to the magnificent architecture, nature and culture of the “Old World”. I had my savings and a rough idea of when I could embark on the trip that would change my life story.

Well, then my plans were shattered when the family had a problem and my mother asked me to “lend” her my saved money during this hardship. I don’t have to tell you that after that, life then got in the way. I finished college, got married, moved to U.S., had kids, and thought I might do that trip after the kids grow up and we could afford it.

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The Best Place to Find Silver Jewelry

Taxco silver jewelry

Silver jewelry can be found in just about any nation in the world, but what if someone was looking for something truly remarkable? What if they were looking for silver jewelry that had meaning behind it? What if they wanted historical importance to shine from the jewelry’s very core? Taxco, Mexico, offers some of the … Read more

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