Frida Kahlo Style

Frida Kahlo-inspired earrings: The apex of Mexican silverwork

There’s no denying that Frida Kahlo made her contribution to shape Mexican culture. Many years later, her legacy is still strongly felt and is here to stay. As a way to honor the most iconic Mexican painter, we’ve started this collection dubbed “Frida Kahlo-style earrings” that combines unique designs with time-tested craftsmanship. It’s more than just jewelry. It’s all about the finest, timeless silverwork that brings a profound meaning.
If you’ve ever seen Frida Kahlo’s portraits, you’ve probably noticed the earrings she loved to wear. Why not try to find a pair that resonates with your style? At Mexico Sterling, we have a lot of options that will catch your eye.

Decorative motifs in sterling silver Frida Kahlo earrings

When you shop at Mexico Sterling, you’re choosing exceptional jewelry designs rather than lackluster styles. For us, nothing is more important than creating earrings that embrace beautiful Mexican artistry in handcrafted pieces.
This collection of Frida Kahlo Mexican earrings is yet another proof of our devotion to authentic handwork. It’s replete with traditional styles that trace their roots to Taxco, where most of our pieces are made. Now you have everything it takes to get a feel for Old Mexico and, most likely, fall in love with it.
What adds depth to Frida Kahlo earrings is that they mirror the themes that one of the world’s greatest painters gathered in her artworks. Here are some of them:

  • flowers
  • nature
  • peacocks
  • love birds
  • hummingbirds

The designs inspired by these symbols have found their way into our Mazahua earrings, among other pieces. Handcrafted to perfection, they will create a head-turning effect by adding a final touch to your chic look. Treat yourself to the feast of shapes when choosing a pair.

Price tags that you will really love

We are committed to making authentic jewelry pieces that are affordable for everyone. Do yourself a favor and go shop around. Even if you’re the most budget-conscious buyer, you won’t find lower prices for sterling Frida Kahlo earrings anywhere else. That’s for sure. Our artisans draw their inspiration from Taxco’s world-famous silverwork, which is why we provide a craftsmanship guarantee for all our pieces. Also, we ship for free if you go for jewelry priced at $50 or more.
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