Sterling silver earrings for sale: Give your ears a bling

So you feel like putting on a new pair of earrings but are tired of tacky designs boutique stores are inundated with? This was a lucky shot. Mexico Sterling says “No” to low-quality mediocre-looking jewelry and comes up with handmade Taxco silver earrings instead.

What’s so special about Taxco earrings? Their designs are as unique as the hands of the artisans that bring them to life. They are inspired by what earrings were like in the cradle of silversmithing centuries ago while featuring the elements that make them look trendy today.

And the best news is that Mexican sterling silver earrings are perfect for everyone. From statement-making to sophisticated and unfussy, our collections have the pieces you’re looking for.

Sterling silver earrings that check all the boxes

At Mexico Sterling, you can choose from a myriad of earring styles and designs:

  • Clip-on earrings. Your unpierced ears deserve unique ornaments, too. Our clip-on Mexican silver earrings hit just the spot.
  • Drop earrings. Let them fall in a dangling fashion to complete your best looks, whether you’re dressing up or just want to stand out in a casual outfit.
  • Frida Kahlo earrings. Put on the earrings that play with symbols, fancy elements, and decorative motifs. Some say they look like art pieces.
  • Hooks and hoops. Round out your look with beautiful hooks and hoops available in an ensemble of shapes and embellishments.
  • Posts and studs. Simplicity doesn’t mean unstylish. Get a new staple for your jewelry box by opting for sterling silver posts and studs.
  • Stone/shell/coral earrings. Shop themed sterling silver earrings that can make you instantly more noticeable, either complete with gems, beads, or other embellishments.

No more boring, mass-produced earrings. Find handcrafted Taxco pieces that your ears will be happy to wear!