Angel Callers or Harmony Balls 

Angel Callers, also known as Harmony Balls, have been around for centuries, with the legend surrounding them dating back thousands of years. The earliest legend tells of how the Celts first used the chiming bells to call on their guardian angels. As the legend goes, a group of elves were forced to flee from their forest home, and their friends the angels granted them the gift of these chiming spheres as a form of protection. Whenever the elves required assistance or were in danger, all they had to do was jingle the bells and the angels would appear to help them. People have worn angel callers throughout the centuries as a way to call on their guardian angels whenever they are in need of protection.


Harmony Balls are especially popular among pregnant women, and have been traditionally worn for centuries in Bali and Mexico. Taxco silver plated harmony balls are worn on a long necklace cord or chain so that it rests gently against the wearer's pregnant belly. The unborn baby will hear the soft chime of the bell from inside the mother's womb and be soothed by the gentle sound. The harmony ball is also said to have calming benefits for the mother. Once the baby is born, the cord in which the harmony ball is worn on is shortened so the bell pendant rests against the mother's chest so that the baby can play with it while he nurses; the soothing sound of the bells helps him fall asleep.


Angel callers and harmony balls are made from plated silver and are mostly spherical in shape, but here at Mexico Sterling, you'll find a more diverse variety of shapes and forms. They contain small metal plates or sheets inside that makes a very light tinkling sound, similar to that of wind chimes. Whether you wear one to bring protection for yourself or your unborn child, these Taxco silver plated pendants have a magical element – the only stipulation is that if you are the recipient of one of these silver plated necklaces, you cannot give your pendant away, or else the magic will disappear!