Mixed Metals

Handmade Mexican Silver Plated and other mixed metals Jewelry

If you love the look of handmade Mexican silver jewelry, but cannot afford the price tag that accompanies it, then our mixed metals jewelry is just what you’ve been looking for. Our Mexican silver plated, copper, tumbaga, brass and alpaca jewelry is handmade, just like our entirely sterling silver pieces, but without the additional cost. The workmanship and the finishes are exactly the same, so no one will know that you paid less – except for you!

The only difference between our silver plated jewelry and our .925 Taxco sterling silver jewelry is the underlying metal. While our sterling silver is just that – entirely silver – our silver plated jewelry is made of a less expensive metal that has been coated in sterling silver. The look is the same, but the price is not. We also carry now, other metals as well, that are being added every week to our collections and gives you more options and variety to choose from, all under one online store. Mexico Sterling Silver.