Mixed Metals

Mexican mixed metals jewelry: The fusion of traditional design and creativity

Using mixed or alloyed metals to craft beautiful jewelry pieces or give them a different, unusual tint is a centuries-old practice. Handmade Mexican silver-plated, copper, and brass jewelry are part of traditional metalsmithing that is still revered and preserved over generations. Add tumbaga, alpaca, and other mixed metal options, and you’re all set to choose a gorgeous piece at Mexico Sterling.

Sometimes, anything featuring a combination of metals is considered tacky or low-end. This is a huge understatement of the opportunities to create stunning effects and express your individuality by incorporating different metals and tones into one design. However, modern trends have nothing to do with old-school restrictive fashion rules. Mixed metals techniques have withstood the test of time and gained a strong presence at Mexico Sterling and beyond.

Mexico sterling silver-plated and two-tone jewelry

Our mixed metal designs are created with affordability in mind to get the look of silver at a lower price. Do they differ from sterling silver pieces? You won’t even notice it while making a statement with your new, budget-friendly jewelry.

Want to add charm to your accessories? The Mexico Sterling shop is the right place to find artisan jewelry with a modern twist, handcrafted by the legendary designers of Taxco. Shop our authentically made jewelry collection featuring:

  • two-tone bracelets, pendants, and rings
  • tumbaga necklaces and dangle earrings
  • silver-plated bracelets and pendants with gemstones
  • and so much more

Buy handmade Mexican silver and mixed-metal pieces

We are committed to preserving the art that thrives on building personal relationships with Taxco silversmiths. Our Mexico sterling silver jewelry for sale is unique and unconventional. All the pieces you buy here, honoring the work and expert craftsmanship of many generations of Taxco artisans, won’t fail to impress you. This is amazing when you know your one-of-a-kind yet affordable jewelry has been exclusively made for you!