Poison Rings


Silver poison ring - Modern Mexican twist on a timeless classic

Originated in ancient India several millennia ago, pillbox rings possess a long and storied past. The mentions about these mystic accessories occur at different stages of the European development course, from the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages and into the Victorian period. In those days, poison rings were used to carry a small portion of toxic a person could discreetly pour into their enemy’s glass. And when the circumstances became dire, a ring holder could use the contents hidden inside an accessory to commit suicide, saving themselves from a more painful death.

The dark connotations associated with silver poison rings have long since receded into the background. Today, these jewelry pieces have become a great addition to a variety of night out and everyday looks, enabling every fashionista to show the world their quirky side.

Buy sterling silver poison rings skillfully crafted by Mexican silversmiths

At Mexico Sterling, we swear by the quality of our products. We honestly believe each of our customers is as unique as the pieces we create, which is why we make sure our handcrafted jewelry meets the highest standards.

Most of our Mexican poison rings are adjustable, so no need to worry about sizes. Simply choose your favorite design from the variety of offered classic Mexican styles and add it to your shopping cart. You can also pick among several gemstones that can be incorporated into the selected jewelry piece. With us, you will find everything from a tiger’s eye and amethyst to malachite. Select one for luck, or go with your favorite color. Whatever ring you choose, you can rest assured it will meet and exceed your expectations.

What to store inside your poison ring?

The rings we sell are crafted the way they were made hundreds of years ago. Easily pop open the secret door of a jewelry piece and put your cherished trifles inside it. The sky's the limit of what can be placed inside a Mexican poison ring.

Here are some of the most brilliant ideas to follow to make your new jewelry piece a meaningful thing:

  • small pill (say an aspirin)
  • the tiniest picture of a loved one
  • solid perfume
  • cloth fragment steeped in your favorite essential oil

A sterling silver poison ring is now an elegant and unique piece of jewelry. With Mexico Sterling’s modern take on a timeless classic, it will instantly become your everyday favorite. Check out our selection of poison rings for sale, and choose the best one for you!