Mexican choker necklace - Continuing the tradition since antiquity

Whether you have a minimalistic approach to jewelry or need an elegant touch to complete your look, the laconic design of our silver necklaces is your best bet. There’s something almost magical about these miniature works of art being handcrafted using time-honored techniques. Each bracelet, pendant, or silver choker for sale at Mexico Sterling is made by local Taxco artisans committed to preserving the mastery of traditional silversmithing.

Pick one of our 925 silver choker necklaces to highlight your personality and distinctive style. With our twisted, braided, and hammered accessories celebrating minimalism and elegance, you will always stay trendy.

Fall in love with Mexican silver choker jewelry from Mexico Sterling

If you seek everyday essentials appropriate for any outfit and occasion, you can’t go wrong with a silver chain or choker necklace handcrafted in Taxco. Each item offered in our extensive catalog is a unique, masterful creation that is nothing like mass-produced silver choker jewelry. Owning such a piece is like traveling back in time to discover a wonderful blend of techniques that have hardly changed over generations. Be it a sterling silver choker necklace, bracelet, or pendant you buy at Mexico Sterling, you will love their:

  • exceptional quality
  • the intricacy of the design
  • finest ornamentation

Our jewelry pieces comply with international standards, featuring 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, respectively. They are not prone to corrosion and tarnishing and preserve their original look for years to come.

Buy one-of-a-kind sterling silver choker necklaces at budget-saving prices

Getting a handcrafted jewelry piece at a reasonable rate seems almost impossible these days, but not with the Mexico Sterling store. We sell unmatched silver choker necklaces, eliminating unreasonable high price tags from your shopping. On top of that, we cover shipping expenses for orders over $50.

Broaden up your collection of exquisite sterling jewelry with our handmade silver chokers. They will greatly add to any of your looks, making people turn their heads when you walk by.