Mexican Sterling Silver Bracelets

Our silver bracelets are very unique, unusual and hard to find items. High quality sterling silver jewelry that displays artistic designs and excellent craftmanship, wide variety in styles and looks. We guarantee the high quality on all our silver jewels. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Do you have any questions? Contact us at any time.

Common terms:
Hamered Silver- This finish on some pieces of jewelry is produced by soft taps on the metal, with a small jewelry bronze hammer. Hammering is a great technique to add texture to a specific design. This technique make a surface look like covered with crater-like depressions, very attractive look and a nice uneven surface that reflects light beautifully. You can find this term on some other places refer as "Beaten silver". The ingenuity of some silver designers and silversmiths create wonderful pieces of jewelry with this technique and use unlimited combination of finishes in one piece. 

Oxidized Silver -This kind of finish is when silver has a special reaction with oxygen. It's very popular nowadays and unique in color, giving this designs a very attractive appealing. This technique makes the silver darker and the finish less shinny. Sometimes the metal gets a smoky look after it has passed through a specific chemical treatment.

Inlay Work- This is a technique where a space is routed out of the material, so another contrasting material as shell, gemstone, wood etc is partially embedded, on this case we talk about silver metal and together make a level surface. When the contrasting material is fitted into the empty space of the metal, it creates a wonderful surface with a pleasing pattern or shape. The possibilities on color, shapes, styles are unlimited using this technique.

This technique was also very common on the Mexican vintage silver jewelry creations from the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Showing amazing patterns and visual effects that are drawn either by the metal or the contrasting embedded material.