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Before you place a wholesale order, please fill out this form. Unfortunately we had been scammed in the past by people pretending to be resellers and causing big financial issues for us. We understand that not everybody is the same, this is also a chance for us to know a little bit more of our customers; and helps us improve our service as well. 
If you are serious about starting your wholesale business, this is the way to start.

Further instructions and information are detailed on this page

**This form is in addition to the account you will create in our store to get instant access to our wholesale catalogues.  

Ready to order? We need few details from you in order to approve you as a reseller. Please fill the following info, using the email you use to create your account with us.
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Before submiting the form be sure you have all the required fields filled, if you miss any of them, you will clear the form and have to start all over again.